Competition Information 2019


Ladies Fixed Date Competitions

Mixed Pairs
All Day
26th May
4 Wood Pairs
First Round
8th June
Second Round
20th June
Semi Final
16th August
2 Wood Pairs
2 Rounds
27th July
Semi Final
1st August
3 Wood Triples
First Round
6th July
Second Round **
15th July
Semi Final
22nd August
Nanson Cup
All Day
31st May
2 Wood Singles
2 Rounds
14th June

** N.B. If you get through to the second round of the Triples and are not able to play on the fixed date , alternative dates can be made available.


1. The organization and administration of club competitions shall be the responsibility of the Competitions Secretary, the Club Captain and Vice Captains, hereinafter called the Competitions Committee.

2. All rules relating to competitions shall have the approval of the Club Management Committee and no alterations to competitions or method of play shall be permitted unless this Committee approves them.

3. Competitions shall conform to the Bowls England Laws of the game unless the Competitions Committee decides otherwise. All competitors entering competitions shall be bound by these rules and the Competitions Committee shall decide any disputes arising there from. Should any decision of the Competitions Committee give rise to further dispute, this shall be referred to the Management Committee, whose decision will be final.

4. All competitions shall be played on a knock out basis unless otherwise provided for by the Management Committee. The following competitions are the only ones provided for by the Club unless the Management Committee decide otherwise:

(a) Championship Cup Singles - winner is first to 21 shots.

(b) Hospital Cup Singles - handicap as decided by the Competitions Committee.
Winner is first to 21 shots or more according to handicap.

(c) Two Woods Cup Singles - winner being first to 21 shots. Entry accepted up to date of 1st round

(d) Veterans Cup Singles Fixed Jack of 21 shots - winner is first to 21 shots.
It is for members over 60 years of age on 1st April annually.

(e) Frank Coles Cup Singles - winner is first to 21 shots.
It is for members not having won any Club singles competition.

(f) Jubilee Shield Singles - best of three sets of nine ends and winner is first to win two sets. At the commencement of each set the mat is to be placed at 2m & players to start first and second sets alternately. The start of third set is decided by the toss of a coin. If any set is tied an extra end is played to establish result.
(g) Four Wood Pairs Pairs - winners being highest scoring pair after 21 ends.

(h) Roy Price Triples Triples - winners being highest scoring triple after 18 ends

(i) Two Woods Pairs Pairs - winners being highest scorers after 21 ends.

(j) Open Championship Singles - winner is first to 21 shots. This competition is open to any man or Cup lady playing member of the club.

In pairs or triples matches, if the scores are level after the appropriate number of ends, an extra end shall be played to decide the match.

5. The Competitions Secretary or the Competitions Committee may, at their discretion, reduce the number of ends to be played in the event of inclement weather, lack of time, or for other material consideration, but such reductions shall be notified to players before the match begins. Players may also agree amongst themselves to reduce the number of ends in similar circumstances; no variation shall be made once the number of ends has been agreed. In the event of a competition being postponed because of inclement weather, the game shall continue from where it was postponed and one trial end may be played.

6. A substitute may be permitted in any pair, triple or fours competition team provided the player is a Club member, is of equal playing ability, and has not entered the same competition. Once the substitute has played, no alternative substitute shall be permitted and the original player must return to the team as soon as possible after the substitution has taken place. The substitute should not continue if the original player is available. All substitutions and/or replacements shall be the responsibility of the Competitions Secretary.

7. All competitors and markers shall be suitably dressed in greys with white above the waist when playing all rounds to the finals. The dress for finals day shall be whites for both players and markers.

8. The Competitions Committee shall make the draw, decide the handicapping of players and determine the composition of pairs, triples and fours and exhibit the same in the Clubhouse within seven days of the opening of the season, except for fixed date competitions.

9. Once the draw is exhibited it is the responsibility of the 'challenger' (the first named player) to make the necessary arrangements. During the first seven days of the allocated period for playing the round of a competition he will offer his opponent three dates of play, the time of commencing to be mutually agreed. The date agreed must be entered on the competition sheet in the column indicated. If dates have not been offered the 'challenged' player should attempt to contact the challenger before submitting a claim for the game to the Competitions Secretary. Such claim must be made prior to the closing date of the round. Failure to comply with the foregoing will result in either one or both players being eliminated from the particular competition. There will be no extensions other than cancellation through inclement weather.

10. When a singles competition is set on a fixed date then that competition must be played only on that date and the draw for the first round will be made on the day from those players present. For Pairs and Triples competitions players may by agreement with their opponents play the round before, but not after the date specified.

11. The closing date for all competition entries shall be the first day of APRIL in each season other than entries for the Two Wood singles competition which may be made up to 9.30am on the opening date of the first round. The entry fee for all competitions shall be decided by the Management Committee and notified on the entry form.

Revised 2nd February 2014