Green Duties 2017
Sat Apr 1
Sun Apr 2
Mon Apr 3
Tue Apr 4
Wed Apr 5
Thu Apr 6
Fri Apr 7
Sat Apr 8
Sun Apr 9
Mon Apr 10
Tue Apr 11
Wed Apr 12
Thu Apr 13
Fri Apr 14
Sat Apr 15
Sun Apr 16 Steve Roach
Mon Apr 17 Tony Burgoyne
Tue Apr 18 John Baker Andy King
Wed Apr 19 Derek Higley Andy King
Thu Apr 20 ANO 1 Tony Green
Fri Apr 21 Roger Applegate
Sat Apr 22 Jack Fuidge
Sun Apr 23
Mon Apr 24
Tue Apr 25 John Merritt
Wed Apr 26 Haydn Williams
Thu Apr 27
Fri Apr 28 Keith Morris
Sat Apr 29 Gary Hancox
Sun Apr 30 Peter Simmonite
Mon May 1 Phil Pearce Alan Alvis
Tue May 2 Tony Derrick
Wed May 3 Tony Derrick Keith Woodey
Thu May 4 Tony Derrick Colin Pompey
Fri May 5 Tony Derrick Tony Passey
Sat May 6 Gary Hancox
Sun May 7 Neil Tinkling Harry Williams
Mon May 8 Ted Trace
Tue May 9 Peter Bisssett Derek Knowles
Wed May 10 Peter Bisssett
Thu May 11 Peter Bisssett
Fri May 12 Peter Bisssett
Sat May 13 Darren Kibbey Dave Hollier
Sun May 14 Ken Hill
Mon May 15 Dave Loveridge Brian Jones
Tue May 16 John Baker Stephen Martin
Wed May 17 Andrew King John Johnstone
Thu May 18 Roger Veale ANO 2
Fri May 19 Roger Applegate Derek Higley
Sat May 20 Simon Fuidge Harry Jeffrey
Sun May 21
Mon May 22 Mike Sperring John Grubb
Tue May 23 Steve Roach Arnold Elsy
Wed May 24 Haydn Williams Tony Passey
Thu May 25 Derek Demery John Barrow
Fri May 26 Don Everett
Sat May 27 Jack Fuidge Harry Williams
Sun May 28 Peter Fuidge Harry Jeffrey
Mon May 29 Keith Morris John Johnstone
Tue May 30 Nigel Pedder Bernard Carpenter
Wed May 31 Allan Pine Brian Neal
Thu Jun 1 John Merritt John Neale
Fri Jun 2 Terry Schofield John Gover
Sat Jun 3 Dave Loveridge
Sun Jun 4 Keith Morris
Mon Jun 5 Dave Hollier John Baker
Tue Jun 6 Andrew King Del Higley
Wed Jun 7 Peter Simmonite Roger Veale
Thu Jun 8 Alan Alvis
Fri Jun 9 Keith Woodey
Sat Jun 10
Sun Jun 11 Colin Pompey
Mon Jun 12 Tony Passey
Tue Jun 13 Peter Kinsella Eddie Furze
Wed Jun 14 Ted Trace Peter Brown
Thu Jun 15 Derek Knowles Mike Sperring
Fri Jun 16
Sat Jun 17 Darren Kibbey Neil Tinkling
Sun Jun 18 Brian Jones
Mon Jun 19 Stephen Martin
Tue Jun 20 Haydn Williams
Wed Jun 21 Ken Hill Derek Demery
Thu Jun 22 Peter Brown Don Everett
Fri Jun 23 Derek Higley
Sat Jun 24 Harry Jeffrey
Sun Jun 25
Mon Jun 26 Tony Burgoyne
Tue Jun 27 John Grubb Dave Hampton
Wed Jun 28 Arnold Elsy Peter Kinsella
Thu Jun 29 Nigel Pedder Eddie Furze
Fri Jun 30 John Barrow Phil Pearce
Sat Jul 1 Peter Fuidge
Sun Jul 2 John Grubb
Mon Jul 3 Ken Hill John Merritt
Tue Jul 4 Bernard Carpenter Terry Schofield
Wed Jul 5 Brian Neal ANO 1
Thu Jul 6 Keith Faithfull
Fri Jul 7 Allan Pine Peter Simmonite
Sat Jul 8 John Gover
Sun Jul 9 Neil Tinkling Gary Hancox
Mon Jul 10 John Baker Keith Woodey
Tue Jul 11
Wed Jul 12 Andrew King Colin Pompey
Thu Jul 13 Roger Veale Nigel Pedder
Fri Jul 14 Roger Applegate Peter Kinsella
Sat Jul 15 Peter Brown Jack Fuidge
Sun Jul 16
Mon Jul 17 Mike Sperring Derek Knowles
Tue Jul 18
Wed Jul 19 John Neale Dave Hollier
Thu Jul 20 ANO 2 Brian Jones
Fri Jul 21 Stephen Martin
Sat Jul 22 Derek Demery
Sun Jul 23 Simon Fuidge
Mon Jul 24 Tony Burgoyne
Tue Jul 25 Dave Hampton John Johnstone
Wed Jul 26 Ted Trace Don Everett
Thu Jul 27 Keith Faithfull
Fri Jul 28 Eddie Furze Harry Jeffrey
Sat Jul 29 Brian Neal
Sun Jul 30 Phil Pearce
Mon Jul 31
Tue Aug 1 John Merritt Arnold Elsy
Wed Aug 2 Terry Schofield Nigel Pedder
Thu Aug 3 Alan Alvis
Fri Aug 4 John Barrow
Sat Aug 5 Jack Fuidge
Sun Aug 6 Darren Kibbey Harry Williams
Mon Aug 7 Clevedon Tournament Clevedon Tournament
Tue Aug 8 Clevedon Tournament Clevedon Tournament
Wed Aug 9 Clevedon Tournament Clevedon Tournament
Thu Aug 10 Clevedon Tournament Clevedon Tournament
Fri Aug 11 Clevedon Tournament Clevedon Tournament
Sat Aug 12 Gary Hancox ANO 1
Sun Aug 13 Keith Woodey Ken Hill
Mon Aug 14 Dave Hampton Bernard Carpenter
Tue Aug 15 Tony Passey Brian Neal
Wed Aug 16 Peter Kinsella Allan Pine
Thu Aug 17 Ted Trace John Gover
Fri Aug 18 Keith Morris Dave Loveridge
Sat Aug 19 ANO 1
Sun Aug 20
Mon Aug 21 Brian Jones
Tue Aug 22 Stephen Martin Phil Pearce
Wed Aug 23 John Johnstone
Thu Aug 24 ANO 1 Andrew King
Fri Aug 25 Derek Higley
Sat Aug 26 Simon Fuidge Peter Fuidge
Sun Aug 27 John Grubb
Mon Aug 28 Arnold Elsy Roger Applegate
Tue Aug 29 Keith Faithfull Steve Roach
Wed Aug 30 John Barrow
Thu Aug 31 Harry Williams Mike Sperring
Fri Sep 1 Nigel Pedder John Neale
Sat Sep 2 Ken Hill Simon Fuidge
Sun Sep 3 Bernard Carpenter Derek Demery
Mon Sep 4 Keith Morris
Tue Sep 5 Allan Pine
Wed Sep 6 Roger Applegate Don Everett
Thu Sep 7 Tony Burgoyne
Fri Sep 8 Dave Loveridge Dave Hampton
Sat Sep 9 Finals Weekend Finals Weekend
Sun Sep 10 Finals Weekend Finals Weekend
Mon Sep 11 Peter Kinsella
Tue Sep 12 Derek Knowles
Wed Sep 13 Andrew King Eddie Furze
Thu Sep 14 Roger Veale Phil Pearce
Fri Sep 15 John Gover Terry Schofield
Sat Sep 16 Peter Fuidge
Sun Sep 17 Brian Neal Neil Tinkling
Mon Sep 18
Tue Sep 19 John Neale Steve Roach
Wed Sep 20 Haydn Williams Keith Faithfull
Thu Sep 21 Dave Hollier Peter Simmonite
Fri Sep 22 Peter Brown Alan Alvis
Sat Sep 23 Tony Burgoyne Keith Woodey
Sun Sep 24 Darren Kibbey Colin Pompey
Mon Sep 25
Tue Sep 26
Wed Sep 27
Thu Sep 28
Fri Sep 29
Sat Sep 30

All duties must be fulfilled. If you are unable to perform a duty, please note that it is your responsibility to arrange a replacement.

However,should the number of match rinks required be changed to MORE than 4, you will not have to undertake your duty. So, please check the Rink Availability Book beforehand.