Your Questions Answered

I am a new member of the club. What happens now?
  • You are encouraged to attend coaching sessions, to learn the basics, and to touch base with other new members, and the coaching team.
  • You should put this coaching to good use, by booking a rink and practicing. Other new members will be keen to do this.
  • When you are comfortable, put your name on the availability list for ‘Friendlies’ (see “How do I get picked to play?)
  • Of course, if you are an experienced Bowler, and have joined from another Club, make this known to us.
Coaching, when is this available, and who are the coaches?
  • Andy Young heads up the coaching team, and is a qualified Coach
  • Dates are arranged, for Tuesdays 6pm, for the more experienced, and Saturday mornings, at 10am for those very new to the game of Bowls.
  • Make Andy Young, for the men, or Pam Soper, for the ladies, aware that you wish to attend.
  • Coaching is available, free of charge.

Andy Young – 01275 875754 or 07748 232347

Pam Soper – 01275 877530 or 07931 563632

When does the season open and close?
  • Regardless of when you joined, your membership runs from 1st April, to 31st March annually.
  • The season runs from mid-April to the end of September, the club being open daily
How much are the fees?
  • On joining, it is pro-rata to the 12 months of membership.

First Full year, half the published price. 2022, this was £50 

Second Year, Full published price. 2022, this was £100

What happens after the September close of the season?
  • There are a number of social events over this period
  • There are two skittle teams that you may wish to join should spaces be available
  • Bowls switches to indoor competition teams in Clevedon Bowling Club, and Nailsea Indoor Bowling Club. Both clubs have modest membership fees.
How do I keep up with everything that is going on?
  • The web pages of carry a lot of information concerning the Club. Its practices, fixtures and privacy notification.
  • Our Facebook is a must-read-site, full of useful information
  • Make yourself familiar with the Club notice boards.
  • Any queries, ask any member and they will be only too pleased to help.
What do I need to buy to enable me to play?
  • With any sport there is the need to purchase a certain amount of clothing.
  • Bowling shoes, no studs, for use on the green. Smooth soles are common.
  • White jumper and fleece.
  • Club shirt
  • Grey and white trousers
  • Light waterproof jacket and trousers for wet conditions. Please ask about purchasing a Club showerproof jacket
  • Initially, the Bowls you use can be provided by the club. However it will not be long before you wish to buy your own set. In the first instance, and inexpensively, EBAY is worth a look. The coaching sessions will point you in the right direction in choosing your own bowl, as size and bias are important.
Is there a dress code?
  • Yes there is.
  • For practice sessions, roll ups, and Club competitions, White top (polo shirt) and grey trousers, or shorts.
  • Inter Club matches. Most members wear their club shirt, or a white shirt to and from games, but Club shirt and white trousers for the game.
  • Ladies. wear their club shirt plus their blazer, or blue jacket.
  • For formal occasions, Captain’s Night, Presentation Night, a blazer will be required, together with a white shirt and tie for the men.
How do I get picked to play?
  • Make yourself familiar with the “Availability Book” located in the clubhouse lounge. This book has a full list of fixtures, by date, and time, and advisory dress code. There is one for the Men’s fixtures and one for the Ladies.
  • Enter your name to the list of available players, for each fixture that you wish to be considered for.
  • Diarise this for yourself.
  • Periodically check the club’s noticeboards, for the posted team sheets, which will be placed on the noticeboard at least 1 week before the game.
What happens when I am picked to play?
  • When the fixture teams are displayed on the noticeboard, confirm that you are still available to play by ticking the box. If you are no longer available, put N/A against your name, and inform the Captain of the Day, or the Club Captain.
  • The dress code for that game is also indicated
  • For ‘Away’ fixtures arrange with another member of the team for a lift, or volunteer to drive, and make the necessary arrangements.
  • For Home and Away fixtures, match fees may apply
As a member, are there any other duties I need to know of?
  • Green Duty – We have a commitment to provide facilities to the general public, allowing them to use the bowling rinks. (1 & 6). Collect £2pp per hour.
  • Members are asked to be responsible for this, by manning the club, between 10am-2pm or 2pm-6pm to ensure proper use, and clubhouse security. NO entry after 5pm.
  • Shoes and Bowls are provided to the member of the public by you.
  • As this occurs infrequently, during the shift it will be of great help if you would undertake the following.
    1. Clean all seats around the green, and generally clear any litter and empty bins
    2. If there is a game booked for the afternoon, see fixtures list, it is customary to lay out the rinks, with scoreboards, jacks and mats and 2m distance stick. Only do this if you are completely confident in what is required.
  • Make yourself familiar with the “Club Information” folder, located by the telephone.
Who do I contact, in an emergency?
  • Your safety is the first priority.
  • The coaching Team will explain our safety proceures to you, on you first visit to the club.
  • In the event of a fire, do not attempt to put it out, call 999, and clear the Clubhouse.
  • Any emergency, inform a Club Official immediately.

Andy Young – 01275 875754 or 07748 232347

Graham Warren – 07541 692291